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1/6 is a website made to

provide resources for prospective homebuyers who

have issues that are preventing them from purchasing

a home.

The goal is to provide needed services for 4 main issues

that commonly prevent clients from getting a mortgage

and offer these services to get clients "mortgage ready"

as soon as possible.


Four Areas of Help to Get Clients "Mortgage Ready":

  1. Credit: building and correcting of both short term and long-term credit correction. NO, THIS IS NOT CREDIT REPAIR.

  2. Student Loan Debt Relief: making payments commensurate with income and refinancing of current and defaulted student loans

  3. Down Payment Assistance (DPA): This asset is broken down to show what is available for:

  • for homebuyers  

  • Down Payment Connect for loan originators and real estate agents who promote DPA to homebuyers.

  • Learn qualifying criteria for DPA programs for county SHIP, city and states along with wholesaler and HCA proprietary programs that are available. 

 4. Home Budgeting: Available at all HUD housing counseling agencies (HCA). Most needed by millennial's. 

Go to HUD HCAs & Credit Counselors for how to work with HUD Housing Counseling Agencies and certified Credit Counseling Agencies. Loan originators and real estate agents can learn steps to partner to get clients "mortgage ready".


Resources including videos is where help is broken down for:

  1. prospective homebuyers

  2. loan originators

  3. real estate agents


All News that can impact mortgage and real estate professionals who are working to get prospective homebuyers "mortgage ready" will be posted.

Contact Us with any resources that can help this site or questions you may have.

Positive Results Occur Quicker When Challenged Clients Are Referred to HUD Housing Counselors and Credit Counselors!

Finding specific HUD approved housing counseling and credit counseling services available nationwide for the four areas that commonly prevent prospective homebuyers from proceeding with a mortgage was the primary objective of this effort.

Too often, loan originators attempt to assist challenged clients only to get side-tracked when business increases.

Fee for Services

There is a fee for these services. Banks have Community Reinvestment funds (CRA) that pay for housing counseling services upfront, but independent loan originators don't have CRA funds.

Two "Fee for Service" options are outlined to show how the HCA costs can be paid:

  1. Client pays upfront fee to the HUD housing counseling agency but receives a credit towards their mortgage closing costs for paid upfront HCA fee. This credit can be provided by the loan originator who referred the client to the HCA.

  2. Loan originator pays for the HCA fee upfront.



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