Proprietary Wholesaler Downpayment Assistance

Information for three proprietary wholesaler down payment assistance (DPA) programs

are provided below:

  1. Land Home Financial Services, Inc.

  2. Solita's House Conventional 

Additional DPA Programs:

Florida City/County (SHIP) and State DPA Programs (Florida only)

Chenoa Funds (in and outside of Florida)

  • Information will be updated upon notification of changes. ​

Directions for PDF's below:

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Program Use:

  • IMPORTANT: Please call program/Account Exec. to confirm program is still available and that your company is approved to use program.

  • Check all 2nd mortgage underwriting criteria that is often different than 1st mortgage criteria.

Land Home Financial Services Down Payment Assistance Program Comparison (2/2/2021)

Land Home Financial Services, Inc. (LHFS)

Bill Harper, Acct Exec/Land Home Financial Services 

Ph#: 954-756-4024                                                         Email:



​LHFS Down Payment Assistance Program Comparison:

  • 1 FHA and 2 conventional options.

  • Also available on Manufactured Homes. 

Solita's House Conventional Mortgage DPA

Anthony Thomas, NMLS#1533566

Ph#: 813-425-4847



Down Payment Assistance – Solita's House, a HUD Housing Counseling Agency and CDFI, has its own proprietary down payment program for conventional mortgages. 

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