Proprietary Wholesaler Downpayment Assistance

Information for two proprietary wholesaler downpayment assistance (DPA) programs

are provided below:

  1. Land Home Financial Services, Inc.

  2. AFR Wholesale

Additional DPA Programs:

Florida City/County (SHIP) and State DPA Programs (Florida only)

Chenoa Funds (in and outside of Florida)

  • Information will be updated upon notification of changes. ​

Directions for PDF's below:

  • Click on PDF. Use magnifying glass in top row to Search city, county or name of program.

  • Click on down arrow in top row on right to expand.

  • Automatic Zoom, download and print options on top bar.

  • Within PDF's,can click on words  underlined in blue to connect to links. 


Program Use:

  • IMPORTANT: Please call program/Account Exec. to confirm program is still available and that your company is approved to use program.

  • Check all 2nd mortgage underwriting criteria that is often different than 1st mortgage criteria.

Land Home Financial Services Down Payment Assistance Program Comparison (4/10/2020)

Land Home Financial Services, Inc. (LHFS)

Bill Harper, Acct Exec/Land Home Financial Services 

Ph#: 954-756-4024                                                         Email:



​LHFS Down Payment Assistance Program Comparison:

  • 1 FHA and 2 conventional options.

  • Also available on Manufactured Homes. 

American Financial Resources (AFR) DPA Advantage Program (3/20/2020)

American Financial Resources (AFR)

Maureen Mayer, Acct Exec/ AFR Wholesale                Ph#: 941-527-6688                                                        Email:



AFR DPA Advantage:

  • 2 FHA options.

  • Also available on Manufactured Homes.

  • Also available on FHA Repair Escrow, Limited and Standard 203K.

Down Payment Assistance – National Program

AFR is the administrator for a national down payment assistance program which is offered by a governmental entity which we are calling “DPA Advantage”.  The Advantage program has one set of guidelines for nearly all states (except WA and HI), which can be used with either the FHA 203(b) program or any of our FHA renovation programs.

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