Great credit is not easy but with help it can be achieved!

Great credit is not easy, but the benefits of great credit are amazing. You may have heard that over a lifetime, people with bad credit will pay TWICE as much for purchases than people with good credit. A truer statement has never been uttered about credit. Simply put - a person with good credit pays less in interest over his/her lifetime than a person with bad credit. Furthermore, a person with good credit has access to credit and can buy the things that he/she can afford without an interest penalty. 

You are probably here because your loan officer sent you (we do not typically take clients on without a referral).  We are serious about improving your credit and will only help those that are motivated to buy a home they could afford if not for their past credit. In addition to helping you qualify for a mortgage, we have negotiated with some mortgage lenders to refund our fee to you at closing. 


We do not play games with credit by trying to erase correct history; YOU were late with that payment to a credit card, own it. But know that we help you balance the scales of that bad mark by engineering your score using state of the art credit tools and “What If” generators to get you the best score possible to qualify for the loan you can afford. Our HUD certified counselors have the talent, tools and knowledge to help you qualify for that home that you desire. 

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This is NOT a service that does the work for you. We guide you to qualify for your home purchase by giving you the advice and access to the tools that will allow YOU to improve your credit.  

Fixing your credit is free, you can do it on your own. However, this service is for those that are serious about improving their financial skills, utilizing state of the art tools and professional advice from certified counselors who have been in the business of helping prospective homeowners achieve homeownership for years.

Make sure you are serious before you sign up for this service. 


Get back a fully qualified borrower!

We are adding new referral partners for 2021. If you are interested, please use the button below to email us for more information.

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National Foundation for Debt Management (NFDM.org)

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