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"The thoroughness of detail for each program profile provided at gives loan originators the ability to match up DPA criteria with first mortgage criteria perfectly! The DPA Directory provides a detailed page for each DPA program including the Funding Status to know if funds are currently available and contact information for the DPA source. offers the most complete and comprehensive data source for down payment assistance and includes a growing number of wholesale and proprietary DPA providers! Marketing assets to allow both loan originators and real estate agents to promote DPA availability to clients is also included."  

Pam Marron, Loan Originator/NMLS#246438

Down Payment Assistance Is A Growing Need For Home Buyers

Availability of DPA funds is the 2nd highest client need. More and more prospective homebuyers find themselves competing with cash buyers and home flippers who don’t need seller contribution towards closing costs. Having a variety of DPA funds available helps these clients to be competitive in these instances. 


Details about available DPA programs and charting and applying differences between 1st mortgage and DPA underwriting criteria has been a struggle for most MLO’s. is a paid resource that houses incredible detail about all U.S. DPA programs including popular county SHIP programs and city and state programs. Also in the last year, started adding wholesaler DPA programs available to mortgage brokers and are continuing to add proprietary DPA programs and a growing list of lenders who provide the Chenoa Fund.  Real estate agents also have access to this service through the MLS, and loan originators can join this service through Down Payment Connect to investigate and utilize DPA programs across the U.S. has provided a breakdown of down payment assistance for Florida city, county SHIP and state, proprietary wholesaler programs, and Chenoa Funds.

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For Homebuyers... Let's See if You're Eligible!

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Help from Retrieve Down Payment Assistance information including state, city, county SHIP, wholesaler and proprietary resources!


One of the greatest needs for clients is Down Payment Assistance (DPA). Because this website caters to ALL loan originators, whether you work at a bank, credit union or as an independent loan originator, it was important to provide a comprehensive list of ALL known programs. Lists are searchable and programs in your client's area can be searched by words such as their city, county, SHIP or state.

Three lists are provided:

  1. Florida City/County (SHIP) and State DPA Programs (Florida only)

  2. Proprietary and Wholesaler Programs (in and outside of Florida)

  3. Chenoa Funds (in and outside of Florida)


The city/county (SHIP) and state programs on this site are for Florida but the wholesaler programs are available in other states as well. Wholesaler and Proprietary programs are available to independent loan originators, or mortgage brokers, as well as loan originators at banks and credit unions. 

Not all DPA programs are the same. Check both 1st mortgage and 2nd loan guidelines to make sure that your client meets both sets of underwriting criteria! 





What to check: variances in mortgage underwriting found between first mortgage programs and 2nd DPA programs

  • Income: most DPA programs have an income maximum (though a few do not). Some are for entire family income and some are for qualifying borrower income only. Often an area income applies. Make sure to check this in the DPA program. 

  • Minimum credit score can vary. Don't assume that a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac automated approval for a lower credit score than the 2nd mortgage allows will work.

  • 2nd loans can be mortgages or grants. Some have criteria that allows forgiveness of the 2nd and these are usually called grants. However, some 2nd mortgages can also be forgivable.

  • Some 2nd mortgage loan payments are required to be included in the max. DTI while others aren't.

  • Wholesaler programs most often require one underwrite of the 1st mortgage and 2nd mortgage through the wholesaler.

  • County SHIP and other proprietary programs often require a mortgage approval from the first mortgage lender and a second underwrite and approval from the DPA provider. Some will allow a simultaneous submission of the 1st and the 2nd DPA. Check with your programs.

  • 2nd loan qualifying ratios are often different than the 1st mortgage ratios. check if the max. DTI must include the 2nd DPA loan payment or not in this DTI. 

  • Don't assume that a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac automated approval with lower credit scores or higher DTI is acceptable! However, some programs have changed recently to accept automated approval findings!

  • Check overlays with all DPA programs.

  • If you get a denial with an automated Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac submission, contact either automated underwriting system (AUS) to find out why. Often, there is specific criteria on how to enter a DPA 2nd and there is more than one option. Also insure that you have correct inputs on the addendum page in your loan operating system to insure correctness. For loan originators that are not used to running their own AUS, it is highly advised that you run this FIRST before setting a client up with a DPA program.

  • For city, state and SHIP programs, call considered program ahead of time to make sure funds are available! Especially in 2020, many programs weren't available. Wholesaler funds are available year round.

  • Some programs require that the client, loan originator and real estate agents must take a class prior to writing a contract! Check with the available DPA program ahead of time. 

  • Wholesaler and proprietary DPA program interest rates are often very competitive with city, state  and county SHIP programs!

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Today’s consumers are spending more time online getting prepared for homeownership and researching their down payment options. Now is the time to show them you can help.

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Down Payment Connect makes it easy to match buyers to down payment help that is right for them. We track the details for more than 2,400 homeownership programs across the country, including all the options right in your backyard.

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"DPA sources include wholesaler DPA for mortgage brokers exist, and even proprietary programs like the conventional program at Solita's House HUD Housing Counseling Agency! The key is to be aware of both 1st mortgage and DPA second mortgage guidelines and blend them upfront!" 

Pam Marron, Loan Originator/NMLS#246438

Florida City, County SHIP & State Programs

Many cities and localities including Indian Tribes and counties (usually listed as SHIP and NSP under type) have downpayment 2nd mortgages and grant assistance for eligible homebuyers. Florida at the state level also has DPA that is both the 1st and 2nd mtg and also just a 2nd mtg. However, Florida state programs are restricted to a limited list of lenders and are not commonly available to independent loan originators.


City, county and state DPA programs are funded by local or state government entities and specific dollar amounts are allocated throughout the year. Make sure to call these programs beforehand to check on availability of funds.​

City, county and state programs listed are available in Florida only.

Check County SHIP Funds First!

The benefit of using county SHIP is that it provides a 2nd mortgage that is attached to an FHA, VA, Conventional and USDA 1st mortgage with current interest rates. Sometimes 1st and 2nd DPA programs have a higher 1st and 2nd mortgage interest rate.

However, county SHIP and local city DPA often have separate underwriting guidelines and restrictions, like income and ratio maximums and credit score minimums that are different than the 1st mortgage.

Also, many county SHIP and city DPA programs require loan originators, realtors and the client to take a HUD approved class on homeownership in order to utilize DPA funds. Make sure to check all DPA underwriting criteria, availability of funds and if you must be on an approved list before issuing a client pre-approval to find a home.  

County SHIP programs listed are available in Florida only.

WHY include Wholesaler DPA Programs? 

In the last few years, wholesalers have begun to offer highly competitive DPA programs that provide either just the 2nd mortgage or both the 1st and 2nd mortgage. These wholesaler DPA programs are available to independent loan originators and are often highly competitive with city and state bond programs. Also, they don't run out of money like many city, state and county programs do.


There are some programs that independent loan originators cannot utilize. However, the growing number of wholesaler programs available often offer higher ratios, a few have no max. income critieria and interest rates are highly competitive with state programs.

Wholesaler proprietary programs are available both in and outside of Florida.

Proprietary Wholesaler Programs

Two proprietary wholesaler downpayment assistance programs are detailed:

  1. Land Home Financial Services (FHA and Conv)

  2. Solita's House HUD HCA Down Payment Assistance Conv. 


Wholesalers that offer Chenoa Funds

The Chenoa Fund is an affordable housing program administered by CBC Mortgage Agency (CBCMA), a federally chartered governmental entity. CBCMA specializes in providing down payment assistance financing under FHA and conventional guidelines.


CBCMA has a mission to increase affordable and sustainable homeownership, specifically for creditworthy, low- and moderate-income individuals. CBCMA partners with reputable mortgage lenders on a correspondent basis to provide loans for qualified home buyers. CBCMA has several program options to choose from that include down payment assistance in the form of second mortgages on:

  • Conventional loans

  • FHA insured loans


A list of correspondent wholesale lenders that provide Chenoa Funds are provided and are available both in and outside of Florida.

Where other DPA programs can be found. Let us know when you hear of new one!

Please let us know when you hear of new programs across the U.S. by emailing