Florida City, County (SHIP) & State Downpayment Assistance Programs 

Directions for PDF below:

  • Use magnifying glass to Search city, county or name of program. Click on down arrow in top row on right to expand.

  • Please call program to check on if funds are available and specific 2nd mortgage underwriting criteria that is often different than 1st mortgage underwriting criteria.

  • Check if you must take class to be approved to provide DPA to clients.

  • If you are an independent loan originator, check with 1st mortgage wholesaler first to see if they accept DPA programs. 

  • Automatic Zoom, download and print options for list on top bar of matrix.

  • Click on blue links to go directly to program website. If not blue, put link in URL and hit enter to proceed.

  • Check with housing counseling agency to find if any Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) funds are available in your area that can also be used for additional DPA source! 

Florida Down Payment Assistance Contacts

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